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We have put together the most important information about our ski lessons for kids!

Our highly trained ski instructors guarantee you safety, fun and learning!

At what age can my kid learn how to ski?

We are looking forward to teach your child starting at 4 ½ years of age in our group lessons! You are welcome to bring your child for a taster lesson and if everything goes well he or she can join the group lesson.

Do you have half day courses for children?

Upon request, for the youngsters (3 – 4 ½ years) we offer half day courses in small groups (max. 5 children). All other kids courses are conducted for the whole day.

Can my children start a course an any time?

All group lessons for beginners start on sunday and monday (during Christmas holidays also on other days). If there is a few people interested we gladly start a beginner course also on other days. Joining an advanced course is posible daily according to ability and available spots. Please contact our skischool office – we will try to accomodate all enquiries!

How big are the groups?

6 – maximum 10 children, in some corner cases the groups can consist of up to 12 kids, which is the legal upper limit.

When do the children meet for their lesson?

On the first day of the group course we meet at 9.30 am for grouping, every other day we will meet at 9.45 am.

Where is the daily meeting point and where do the children ski?

Beginners meet in our children area opposite the bottom station of the Schönleitenbahn. Advanced children meet every morning at our children area and take the Schönleiten cable car into the ski resort Saalbach-Hinterglemm. The ski instructor chooses the runs according to the ability of the children. Between 3:15 and 3.30 pm all groups will be back at our children area in order to get picked up.

We are from the Netherlands. Do you have dutch-speaking ski instructors?

Yes, we have a couple of dutch-speaking ski instructors and a number of our longtime team members understand and speak the language adequately.

Can our children be together in one group?

Yes, that is a possibility, please talk to the ski instructor at grouping. Please be advised that if the children have different sking abilities the faster child will be in the group of the slower child.

Do I have to pick up my child at lunch time?

The ski instructor will take care of your child during the lunchbreak (Price: € 14,00/day incl. food and beverage of choice).

Can I pick up my child at lunch time?

Yes, the beginners can get picked up. It is more difficult to pick up the advanced children since they don’t come back to our children area. At lunch time, the ski instructor will go for a meal with the group to the closest hut. If you want to meet your child at lunch time, please align with the ski instructor in the morning.

Do the children need a helmet?

Since the winter 2010/2011 helmet usage is required by law for all children under 15 years of age! If you don’t have a helmet you can rent an inexpensive helmet at our skirental!

Does my child need a lift ticket for the ski lesson?

Basically yes, but the beginners don’t need a lift ticket for the first day (skischool magic carpet). Your ski instructor will let you know what lift ticket your child will need on the next day. Also the little children need a lift ticket which is available free at all ticket offices (i.e. in our ski school office). Please bring a valid id.

Are there group lessons available on Friday?

All our group lessons run from Sunday till Thursday (exception Christmas). Most families want to spent one day of skiing together where the children show the parents what they learned.

At what age can my child learn to snowboard?

We recommend that children start snowboarding at an age of 8 to 10 years the earliest.